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Every Seven Scents soy wax candle is blended and poured in Verity's Studio at home in the town of Market Harborough, Leicestershire  Each candle is poured with love but every so often they may be slightly different from batch to batch. The wax may contain tiny bubbles, marble-like swirls and slight frosting which is normal for natural wax and nothing to worry about, this will NOT affect the candle's performance.

When you first light the candle you will need to let it burn for at least 2 - 3 hrs as it's very important to let the melted wax reach the outside of the tin or glass to prevent tunneling. 

Another top tip is to trim the wick to approx 3mm-5mm to keep the flame at a safe burn height as well as to get the maximum use from your candle. 


If you have not been trimming your wicks, your containers may have black marks. To tidy up your candle, simply start by trimming the wick with scissors or a wick trimmer and get a warm damp cloth and wipe around the inside of the container.  

The wax and black marks come off really easily and your container will look like new.

Enjoy! xx