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The Seven Scents Story Part 1

Once upon a time there was a boom in the candle market and everywhere you looked, there were items to burn your money on - literally! The problem was, no one seemed to be making home fragrance in a moderate price range, that wasn’t petroleum based, or non-toxic in other words. Uh-oh!

Our founder, Verity, has a background in fashion marketing but had taken a step back from her career to become a full time mum. With Tom and Molly now being a little bit older, she felt it was time to dip a toe back into the world of retail and starting her own business seemed like the most logical step.

The world of candle making called and that non-toxic vacuum sparked an idea; maybe she could produce natural, modestly priced candles, which smell incredible? Maybe she could create a whole range of home fragrances that didn’t cost the earth? And just like that, Seven Scents was born!

 After doing quite a lot of research (candle lit baths, long romantic dinners…) and experimentation, Verity decided soy wax was the way to go. It’s naturally allergen free and has superior burning times, but most importantly, it’s completely safe when lit and contains nothing harmful to you or the environment. 


So! We had a product idea and the materials to make them sorted but that’s just the start of our story. Pop back next month and we’ll explain how we chose our sensational fragrances and our name. Stay tuned! 



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