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And so to bed....


Top tips to help you have a better nights sleep
There’s loads of factors to why our sleep is not blissful, a massive reason is called lockdown, this is definitely high up there. A stressful day at work, or with the kids, maybe health concerns, money worries, anxiety, relationships too; it’s the roller coaster of life which plays havoc with our sleep and we just learn to live with the feeling of being tired all the time. 
This can change though, and this 'World Sleep Day' gives you a great opportunity to look at your habits and tweak your routine, so that life can get back on track with an uninterrupted nights sleep instead of counting sheep. 
Here’s my Seven (of course) top tips to the perfect nights sleep, which hopefully, will help make a big difference to how you are feeling.
1. A good nights sleep starts with the perfect awakening. 
As soon as you wake up, flood the house with as much natural light as possible, open the back door and take in 10 deep breaths of air. Look up at the sky no matter the colour, & listen to the sounds around you, this stimulates your senses and wakes you up, as well as filling you with gratitude.
2. Caffine 
Have your last cup of coffee or tea by 3pm, as caffeine is a stimulant, and our winding down routine is about to begin.
3. The last supper
Try to eat your main meal 3 hrs before bed, as this allows for full digestion, and I'm sorry but no late night chocolates or wine... the wine may relax you but it also reduces your REM sleep, causes sleep disruption and dehydration, so just enjoy with your meal. 
4. Remove the blues
Remove blue light emissions and tech 60 mins before bed, yes that’s right, no more reading the entire internet before bed.
5. Bath and Breath
Have a candle lit bath using powerful essential oil blends of basil which can be found in our Lime, Basil & mandarin body wash and lotion sets, light a candle with cedar wood which can be found in our Sea Salt and Wood Sage candle, both are natural sedatives that aid you to having a great nights sleep. 
6. Brain dump
Before bed, to take things off your mind, chat through with your partner or friend or simply write down in a book any worry or concerns you may have, simply get it off your chest. I also like to write my 'to do' list the night before so I know what is happening the next day without the worry of “oh what to do next”. 
7. Bedroom fit for a queen
Get to bed a little lit earlier each night especially if you are a night owl…. give yourself permission to rest your senses and switch off. Turn your bedroom into a sanctuary of calm. This can be easily achieved by having fresh bedlinen, candle lit lighting, cosy pj's, and calming diffusers. I plug into a mindful app to help ‘calm’ away the day through meditation which is incredible… I am always fast off even before the session ends. 
I would love to hear your tips to having a great night sleep and whether mine have helped you.
Simply pop into comments or email me at hello@sevenscents.co.uk

Right, all this sleep talk has done the trick…. night all
Verity xx 



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